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6U CubeSat Platform

Designed to meet the needs of commercial applications, our 6U CubeSat platform is capable of precise attitude control and transmission of large amounts of data.


  • Earth Observation
  • Communication
  • Commercial Applications


  • Pre-integrated (mechanically, electrically and functionally tested) and pre-qualified to be straight ready for the payload integration
  • Space environment tested for high reliability
  • Payload integration service available upon request
  • Customized flight software service available upon request


Parameters Value Unit
Size 100 x 200 x 340 mm
Mass 4 kg
Available Power Budget 7 W
Available Data Format CAN, I2C, UART, SPI, Custom (Optional)
Payload Space 100 x 100 x 340 mm
Available Mass 4 kg
Orbit Determination Method GPS
Orbit Determination Accuracy ~ 5 m
Relative Orbit Determination Available
Orbit  Control Actuator Cold Gas Thruster (optional)
Orbit Control Accuracy TBD
Relative Orbit Control Available
Parameters Value Unit
Attitude Control & Determination
Attitude Determination Sensor Magnetometer, Fine Sun Sensor, Stand-alone IMU, Star-Tracker
Attitude Determination Accuracy < 0.5 degrees
Attitude Control Actuator Magnetorquer and Reaction Wheel (Pyramid)
Attitude Control Mode De-tumbling, 3-Axis Control
Attitude Control Accuracy < 1 degrees
Command & Data Handling
Computing Power TBD
Data Storage 8 GB
Data Interface CAN, I2C, UART, SPI, Custom (Optional)
Power Supply
Power Generation 12 W
Power Distribution 3.3, 5 / unregulated 8, 12 V
Power Consumption 5 W
Power Storage 80 Wh
UHF 9600 bps
S-Band available upon request
X-Band 100 Mbps

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