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On-Board Computer

Our onboard computer (OBC) is our flagship Command & Data Handling subsystem. Designed with low power consumption and radiation tolerance, it can be used as an ADCS OBC, main flight computer or both for your CubeSat mission.


  • CubeSats


  • ARM 9 Processor (400 MHz Clock Speed)
  • Linus kernel 4.9 (RT patched)
  • NASA cFS available
  • External DDR2 RAM 256MB / NAND Flash 256 MB
  • MicroSD Card (available on request)
  • 3-Axis MTQ Controller
  • Integrated 9 DOF IMU


Parameters Value Unit
General Specifications
Dimensions 93.44 x 90.17 x 20.80 mm
Mass 44 g
Power Consumption 0.52 W
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 85 °C
Design Life Time 2 years
10/100 Mbps Ethernet 1
CAN Bus 1
Two-wire Interface (TWI) 2
10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter 4
Parameters Value Unit
Processing Unit ARM 9 Processor
Clock Speed 400 MHz
RAM 256 MB
NAND Flash Memory 256 MB
MicroSD up to 2 TB
Software NASA CFS on Linux kernel 4.9 (real-time patched)

Customization (Options)

Parameters Options Unit Cost Lead Time
Addon Slot GPS / Nanocom
Antenna release & detection signal GPIO
MTQ control PWM / Direction output
Coarse sun sensor value input (from solar panel)