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Research & Developing your most complex Space Missions.

NARA Space Technology’s research & development capabilities include areas in satellite payload & subsystem development, satellite software, rocket avionics and ground support equipments. We serve clients in the private and public sector, from governmental research institutions, universities, and more.

on-going projects

Rocket Avionics

We are developing the avionics device for the ‘Woorisae’ scientific rocket, the first privately developed rocket in South Korea. The first successful launch was on October 29th, 2018 reaching an altitude of 5 km. Our avionics device collects telemetry data during flight and process commands, communicating with the ground monitoring station in real-time.

Lunar Rover Omnidirectional Camera Module

We are working with KIST (Korea Institute of Science & Technology) on the Korean Lunar Lander project by developing an omnidirectional camera system to be used during tests and in-mission. Our camera system is able to take and process various images at multiple angles.

Pyramid Reaction Wheel

At NST, we strive to deliver the most precise attitude control to our satellites. We are currently developing a reaction wheel with drastically reduced vibrations and increased precision and response by placing them in a pyramid-like position and using a specially designed PCB.

Variable Speed Control Moment Gyro (VSCMG)

With the rising complexity of nanosatellite missions, the need for fast response attitude control is increasing. We aim to bypass the limitations of CMGs by developing a VSCMG, providing faster and precise attitude control for satellite missions.

Atttitude Determination & Control Software

We are developing an ADCS software capable of determining and controlling the attitude of the satellite through the operating of various sensors such as Reaction Wheels, Sun Sensors, Magnetorquer/meters. Our software is onboard the SNUSAT-2 mission, launched on December 4th of 2018, which we later assisted with on-orbit data analysis.

Guidance, Navigation & Control

To secure a wider range of application for nanosatellite missions, we constantly research satellite orbit trajectory design, for formation flying, constellation missions, and collision avoidance between spacecraft.

Electric Ground Station Equipment

To further increase the reliability of our CubeSat platform and subsystems we undergo development of ground station and testing equipment. We supplied the KOMPSAT-6 mission with its electrical ground station equipment and power supply (ground station use).


At NST, we conduct extensive research on magnetometer development. Using an extending boom, our magnetometer provides accurate readings with minimal EMI. Not only do we guarantee mechanical & chemical (out-gassing) reliability, but we also house capabilities in deployment mechanisms, non-magnetic technologies, and high-density CFRP composite technology.