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Space Environment Testing

Custom Development

Mission Operation


CubeSat Design & Consulting

Mission Design & Consulting

As CubeSat missions become more complex, it is critical to have a solid plan for your mission. We provide consulting to help you conceptualize mission requirements and strategies for your mission including:

  • Orbit Trajectory Optimization
  • Communication Budget Requirements
  • Payload Data Budget Requirements
  • Power Budget Requirements

and more depending on your mission.

System-level Design & Consulting

It can be a challenge to design and develop a reliable CubeSat system for your mission. To meet your mission requirements we provide design & analysis consulting for:

  • Spacecraft structure
  • Arrangement of Internal Subsystems
  • Communications
  • Power Generation & Consumption
  • Thermal Control

and more depending on your mission.

Mission Specific Development

System Development

At NST, we can develop your CubeSat at the system-level optimized for its mission in accordance with predefined designs and requirements. During our development process, we go through the following procedures to ensure your CubeSat’s reliability:

  • System Analysis
  • Comprehensive Function Testing
  • Space Environment Testing

and more depending on your mission.

Subsystem Development

To optimize your CubeSat, you may require custom developed subsystems. We are capable of developing CubeSat subsystems with custom data interface(s), power consumption, and physical configuration according to your mission’s requirements.

Our past clients requested customized development for:

  • On-Board Computer (OBC)
  • Electric Power System (EPS)
  • ADCS Sensors
  • Interface Board
  • Deployment Structures
  • Solar Panel

Flight Software Development

Once in orbit, the satellite’s flight software plays a critical role in controlling & operating the spacecraft. Using our flight software allows autonomous navigation & control of your spacecraft, minimizing the need for user input during operation.

By operating in the following 3 different stages, our flight software provides efficiency and stability:

  • Early Orbit Phase
  • Normal Phase
  • Mission Phase

Space Environment Testing

Radiation Testing

To ensure your CubeSat’s tolerance to space radiation during its mission, it is essential to have your CubeSat undergo radiation testing at both system and subsystem levels. We provide expertise in installing, testing, and analyzing results for TID and proton radiation testing.

Thermal-Vacuum Testing

Orbiting the Earth, your CubeSat is in a harsh environment with fluctuations in temperature. It is essential that your CubeSat system undergo thermal-vacuum testing to detect potential points of failures due to temperature extremes. We assist in installing, testing, and analyzing results for tests at both system and subsystem levels.

Vibration Testing

Depending on the launch vehicle and stage of launch, your CubeSat experiences various vibrations, some detrimental. With us, you can have your CubeSat go through sinusoidal & random vibration tests and shock test to detect potential risks. We provide simulations before testing and detailed analysis of test results after the tests have been carried out.

Education & Training

Development Training

If it’s your first time developing a CubeSat mission, there are many challenges you may face. Let us help you avoid mistakes and streamline your development by providing comprehensive training for your development team from mission design, development to operation.

Some teams we’ve worked with are:

  • Seoul National University
  • Yonsei University
  • Chosun University
  • Government Institutions

Ground Station Operation Training

From ground station installation to custom software development and operation strategies, we house experts in CubeSat communication in VHF, UHF, and S-Band. We provide consulting and training to meet your needs in ground station operation and satellite communication.